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Neon Signs -Authentic Neon Signs
Ready to plug in!  Many to choose from.

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From only $199.95

Belt Lights -Exterior Special Effects Lights
Its bright and waterproof! Cut to any length!

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From only 1.55/ft.

Tape Lights -Interior Decorative Lights
Dramatic chasing effects! Easy to install

Durafiber -Fiber Optic Lighting
No electricity, no heat, no ultraviolet, waterproof.

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From only 1.45/ft.

Clip Lights -Tree and Architectural Lights
Clip Lights are energy efficient! Can be cut!

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From only .85/ft.

Decolume - Interior Strip Lights
Its attractive, flexible, and simple to install!

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From only 2.75/ft.

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From only 5.95/ft.

Disco Lights -Disco and Dance Lighting
Many to choose from!  Sound activated.

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From only $299.95

Bend-A-Lite -Flexible Neon Lights
Cuts with scissors!  Indoor/Outdoor use

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From only 1.50/ft.

Lantern Lights -Exterior Decorative Lights
Easy to assemble! Many colors. Indoor/Outdoor

Blimpy -Giant Blimps and Helium Balloons
Great way to attract attention! Stand out for miles.

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From only .85/ft.

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From only $299.95

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